Olde Corps Brewing
Sammamish, Washington


- - - - - - Olde Corps "Match Grade®" Ales - - - - - -

Light Infantry Ale

A crisp refreshing pale Barley Ale
with a light hop aroma and just a hint of bitter finish.
Easy in the pack and on the palate,
designed specifically for those fast, hot missions.

Liberty Ale

Our flag-ship Amber Ale.
The surprisingly clean, rich taste of select malted grains,
balanced with Liberty hops and a short-lived after-taste
will definitely have you wanting to "pop another cap".

Gunner's Stout

Our big-caliber Oatmeal Stout Ale.
When the situation calls for a round,
this one will do the trick.


Our Copper Ale (5.56% v/v).
'Nuff said.

Victory Ale

This seasonal (December) nut-brown Ale salutes
Gen. McAuliffe's 101st Airborne stand at Bastogne.
Crafted for the siege of winter, our own
"battle of the bulge" continues.
"NUTS" indeed, General.

Tun Porter 

Only freshly harvested choice October grains
are used for our commemorative Colonial Porter.
Bottled annually to celebrate the `Commission of
Two Batallions of Marines
' at Tun Tavern, Philadelphia.
The Continental Congress would have approved.

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